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"I think sometimes a song can say in a few words what would take a volume to write. It seems like this one bubbled up from a deep well and wide perspective on a world that can be pretty tough on a tender heart and a bright spirit."

Tom Kimmel

When Tom Kimmel brought his inspiring idea for Bluebird  to me we wrote it in a few hours. All these years later it seems more pertinent than ever. I wanted the rocking joyfulness of this recording to convey a wry sense of hope for us humans."

Dana Cooper

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Always Old Friends

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Dana Cooper’s heartfelt tribute to friendship, aptly titled “Always Old Friends,” stirs up the sentiment in ways that are both affecting and inspired. Given its resilient refrain and depth of emotion, it serves as a reminder that even in these days of division and distrust, we’re all still bound by the need to connect, while placing faith in friendship and the enduring bonds of kinship that sustain us throughout our lives. Both moving and memorable, it ranks a true anthem for the ages.


— Lee Zimmerman, writer, reviewer and author

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