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2023 was another amazing year for me. I am grateful for the 107 live concerts, 15 live radio shows, and sold out Inishfree Ireland Tour. Thought I was stepping into 2024 but it seems I am leaping into the new year with two new album projects in the works. 

Just launched an Indiegogo funding campaign for the next studio recording which I started just before Christmas. We now have 10 songs in the can with 3 more to be recorded soon. In fact, everything must happen quickly in order to release Children of a Common Mother in May, 2024. I've enlisted some of the finest singers and musicians in Nashville and Texas and it's exciting to hear the songs blossoming. 

Been recording with Dave Coleman again, my co-producer from our acclaimed I Can Face the Truth CD. So far we've worked with David Francis and Paul Slivka on bass, Chris Benelli and Rick Lonow on drums, Josh Leo and Dave Coleman on guitars. Of course, Dave Coleman always winds up playing multiple instruments on anything we do. Bringing in some guest vocalists like Kim Carnes, Mando Saenz, Hayes Carll and more here in Nashville. Late January I will record in Rockport Texas at John Macy's studio. My friends Shake Russell, Susan Gibson, Libby Koch, and Darden Smith will join in making this a wonderful coalition effort.







Grateful to Ryan Bingham - Singer/Songwriter, Oscar Winner, & Yellowstone Series Actor - who is endorsing this release.  Children of a Common Mother  will be “Presented by Bingham Bourbon” offering exciting promotional & advertising opportunities for the upcoming CD Release Shows. This endorsement, however, does not include funding for recording, packaging, radio promotion, etc.  And I will press Vinyl as well as CDs this time, which adds to the production expense. This is where the Indiegogo funding Campaign comes in. Check out the many contribution levels and the cool perks associated with each one. Go to  and be one of the first to receive your pre-release. 

But I have another CD coming out even sooner. Back in 2023 I performed at the venerable Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs New York. The concert was recorded by Grammy winning producer Joel Moss and I'm proud to release Dana Cooper Live From Caffe Lena in March 2024. This will be my first live release that includes my stories along with 11 originals and one song by Hank Williams. First single from the live album will be Great Day in the Morning and all the music will be available online and on CD. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Dana Cooper Live From Caffe Lena will support Music, Connection and Learning at the legendary Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY. 

        Come with me to Ireland! 
                Oct 12-21/2024

I want you to come tour Ireland with me! For over 15 years now I’ve been traveling to Ireland. With each visit I fall in love all over again with this breathtakingly beautiful country, its lovely people and its inspiring music. I want to share this life changing experience with you!


Here’s how it all works. My next Inishfree Ireland Music Tour is scheduled for October 12-21, 2024. For all the details on my tour go to  . They have been organizing these tours for years now and really know what they're doing when it comes to providing a relaxed and exciting experience. Inishfree Tours are small, the coach seats 24, so no one feels lost in the crowd. They have found comfortable small hotels in coastal villages where we all can be together for meals and music. We stay for 3 days each in 3 different places, taking day trips from there to see the sights and learn about Irish culture and history. So you can get cozy in one place for a few days and not have to pack up and travel every day. Every night we’ll be treated to some of the very best traditional and contemporry musicians. These folks are truly amazing. Plus I will play for you too!


Itineraries for this Inishfree Tour will be selected from Counties Cork, Kerry, and Clare, where you’ll find some of the most spectacular landscapes and coastal vistas anywhere. All along the way we’ll visit ancient stone circles, castles, ruins, museums about Irish culture and history, and a ferry ride or two if you’re game. You can expect us to be joined by archaeologists, authors and other interesting folks who will share their intimate knowledge of Ireland. And at the end of each day more music!


The cost of this unique adventure is $2,800-$2,900 for double occupancy. For a single it’s $3,300 - $3,400 but these are limited in number. If you’re traveling alone we will be happy to try and pair you up with another solo traveler to save you both some money. For this you get 9 nights accommodation, all travel on our 24 seat coach, ferry tickets, museum entrance fees, concerts, breakfast every morning and 3 group evening meals. You’ll be responsible for your travel to Ireland and we can give you some tips on getting the best airfare when the time comes. I strongly recommend that you plan on arriving the day before the first tour day so you can rest up from your flight before all the fun begins. We can also arrange a nice B&B for you in Bunratty the night before that shouldn’t be too expensive.


Are you in? Just contact Barbara Bowers at with the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of everyone in your group. Barbara will send you an invoice and walk you through the process.  Remember, there will only be 24 of us max, and some folks have already signed up. So don’t wait too long to book your spot. If you need more info, go to and find answers to any questions you have. Inishfree also has a Facebook page


I look forward to touring Ireland with you!



As a Patreon Subscriber you pay a monthly amount of your choice to have access to unique and exclusive opportunities, and extra content only available to Patreon Subscribers. If you are interested in being a patron of my creative journey, here is the link. danacooperpatreon 

I am excited to share new works with you, songs, stories, poems, videos, all kinds of cool stuff from the archives. 

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