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              Praise for The Ghost of Tucumcari


"Dana has a poet's eye for beauty & detail, a blue's man's soul, and a songbird's gift. He is remarkable." Hayes Carll


"The album (The Ghost of Tucumcari) is 5 star Grammy material." Shake Russell


"He leaves us thinking, as only the best songwriters do." Jim Hynes - Glide Magazine 

"Blown Away. The Title Cut! What can I say but "Meow."  Marilyn Rea Beyer  WFMT


"Genius" Tom Tranchilla KPFT


"The Northeastern New Mexico town of Tucumcari is best known in song for its destination calling in Little Feat’s “Willin.” And while many probably havent’ been from Tucson to Tucumcari, there is still something engaging about that name of the town itself. 

Under the radar but highly respected singer-songwriter Dana Cooper has been allowing images to form with his poetic words for decades. Yet, he’s still unraveling new Americana tapestries in his sound with his highly anticipated 32nd studio album, The Ghost of Tucumcari, on May 17, 2024. Featuring an All-Star lineup of guest artists, the album marks a major achievement for the veteran musician after over 50 years in the business. Artists lending their voices to this project are Lyle Lovett, Hayes Carll, Susan Gibson, Mando Saenz, Darden Smith, Shake Russell, Libby Koch and more. 

Glide is premiering the title track, which crackles with a mysterious energy that would make for the background music of a David Lynch film, where dreamlike patterns form out of the subconscious. With Lyle Lovett on vocals, the track encapsulates the essence of true Americana."

Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine

"Overall, this new release does exactly what it was meant to do. It takes the audience on a memorable musical journey through multiple music genres. Indeed, Cooper confirms this by adding that the “songs on this album span decades, from the 70’s up to right now.


Cooper’s vocals provide the perfect foil for even lyrics of loss, heartache, and imperfection, and underline his musical handiwork. Furthermore, the numerous guest artists give it their all without overshadowing Cooper’s work. There is a definite nigh-beautiful balance between Cooper and the musical company he keeps here.


They work and play well together. Thus, this release remains a distinctive Cooper album and not just a disconnected musical showcase. So check out Dana Cooper's "The Ghost of Tucumcari" and experience the “Beauty and Ruin.”

Will Phoenix

Praise for I Can Face the Truth

"Few artists can claim to make music for 50 years and still do so with the same eagerness and enthusiasm that marked their initial efforts. Dana Cooper experienced the mechanisms of the major labels early on, but as a solo independent artist, he’s maintained a full flourish on his own. His new album, I Can Face the Truth, not only boasts a telling title, but more importantly, reflects an unimpeded joy and exuberance that are exactly what’s needed during this pessimistic period of modern history. Songs such as “Always Old Friends,” “Upside Down Day,”“Laughing and Crying,” “Summer In America,” and the title tune are flush with an upbeat optimism that makes every offering genuinely striking in both sentiment and execution. So too, Cooper’s cover of the Hank Williams classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” further reflects his ability to consistently ply a tasteful touch. Coproduced by Cooper and veteran multi-instrumentalist Dave Coleman, I Can Face the Truth is an unmitigated triumph, an album that should finally garner Cooper the credit he so decidedly deserves."

Lee Zimmerman - American Songwriter Magazine

"Dana Cooper’s new album I Can Face the Truth is radio ready, honest, vulnerable and an incredibly formidable effort. It is Cooper at the top of his songwriting form and creative expression, with arrangements so strong it allows each listener to feel he wrote the song specifically for them."

— M Music & Musicians magazine /

Link to entire CD Review and Interview:

A Missouri native who made his debut nearly 50 years ago while living in California, Dana Cooper retains a strong following in these parts thanks to his longtime collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Shake Russell in the ’70s and ’80s. Five years after his last album, Cooper returns with “I Can Face the Truth.” The new album is a great introduction to Cooper for those who don’t know his work. And longtime fans will find a generous supply of the attributes that have made him a distinctive stylist: lovely vocals, wonderfully written tales and impeccable instrumentation.
Andrew Dansby
Houston Chronicle
March 03, 2022

"Nothing, absolutely nothing in this Dana Cooper country-torrent is hokey or novelty-oriented. I guess I have to re-establish Mr. Cooper closer to my Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark & Billy Joe Shaver shelves."

John Apice - Americana Highways

Link to review -

"Dana Cooper brings both joy and honesty, collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Dave Coleman on I Can Face the Truth...He leaves us thinking, as only the best songwriters do."

Jim Hynes - Glide Magazine

Link to review:

"The one track he neither wrote nor cowrote — a taut blues-rock take on Hank Williams's “I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry” — is among the best covers of the classic I've ever heard."

Bruce Sylvester - Goldmine

Link to Review:

"Modern country that doesn't feel the need to sound like 70s rock He may be weathered and seasoned but it all serves a grand end. Well done throughout."

Midwest Record 

Link to review:

"Cooper is a dues-paying road-weary musician of the highest order. And, on his latest, I Can Face The Truth, the truth is out there."

Rock is the New Roll

 Link to Review:


Summer in America.jpg

“This is one terrific song Dana”

-Lee Zimmerman, Writer/Reviewer


"Damn! Dana Cooper's song "Summer In America" is about the best thing I've heard so far this summer."

- Gurf Morlix, Singer/Songwriter

"Dana has given us a tender, touching song that is not preachy, not dismissive,  but instead taps into the emotions that we are all feeling during this time, weaved around a beautiful love song.  "Summer in America" can be right at home on Pop, Country, or Triple-A formats.  And I think it's a "one-listen" song--it grabs the listener with its melody and lyrics the very first time.  It's a great song from a voice that we should all be hearing more of right now.  Add it, play it, and share it."

--Cruze, President, RFC Media and SuiteRadio

Radio Programmer, Houston, TX


"In his sublimely-written, perfectly-timed release, "Summer In America", Dana Cooper deftly frames the tumult of 2020 with both sentimentality and optimism. He is one of my guiding stars when I sit down to write a song."

-David Starr, Singer Songwriter

"Dana, you knocked it out of the park. Great song!"

-Terri Hendrix, Singer songwriter 


"This record is a beacon.  A shining North Star.  If you're looking for a brief respite from this crazy spinning circus of world and a unique lyrical and musical spin from the mind of a real songwriter, this record is for you. (If not, may I politely invite you to step off.)" 


for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Read the entire review here. 

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