In 2017 I became a shareholder of Indie Air Radio, a Internet radio station and fair trade media company that is cooperatively owned by a curated group of artists. In addition to the stations broadcast content being exclusive to its artists the company provides digital music distribution, with all artists receiving 100% of their sales. You can hear song samples and purchase my digital albums and singles only at Indie Air Radio. 


As a company shareholder please consider becoming a supporting member of the station, with subscriptions starting at $7 per month. 80% of your subscription will personally support me and 20% will assist the station with its operating costs. 



As a member you will receive exclusive benefits that include discounts on music purchases, discounts on admission to concerts--oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the company owns a concert venue, free monthly music downloads and more. You can view all of Indie Air Radio's membership benefits and subscription options here.

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