April 24, 2015

Join Us In Releasing The New CD

My Pledge Music funding campaign is going swimmingly!  A wonderful community of folks has pitched in generously to the effort to release my newest CD, Building a Human Being, into the world. As a result we have already reached 70% of our goal! Only 30% left to go. On the campaign site you will find many levels of patronage and the individual exclusives I offer in return. Just 24 days left to go at 
Pledge Promo Porchhttp://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/buildingahumanbeing/updates/51954

I first began writing songs as a way to make a human connection, to lift peoples hearts and souls, and, as a result, to lift my own. In order for me to make my music and deliver it up to the world it takes the involvement of many people: songwriters, musicians, singers, artists, engineers, producers, radio, and patrons all along the way. It was an inspiration recording Building a Human Being. I’m excited for you to check out my Pledge Music site and be one of the very first to hear it.

And if you join in right now you can hear my first recording of “Fadeaway” from 1974. I had just written this song with my friend and producer Marlin Greene. We were working on an album project at Kaye-Smith Studios in Seattle. The project was never released. This track, recorded with engineer Marc Sterling, was an experiment and not intended to be on the album. That Sunday afternoon session was one of the most creative  and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had in the studio. And now you can hear this long lost song by going to http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/buildingahumanbeing/updates/51954 and joining my Pledge Music campaign. Once you become a patron you will have access to “Fadeaway” and all the other updates I post during the duration of the campaign.

Thank you to all those who have already given. Your generosity means the world to me. By the way, here’s a new music video of “No Second Coming” from the CD. Hope you enjoy it!


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