May 15, 2015

Home Run For Building a Human Being

BAHB Dana Cooper Cover for websiteandemail RGBSo far, 147 patrons have stepped up to the plate for my Pledge Music funding campaign. The result is a home run! As of this morning, we have reached 111% of our goal. Only 10 days remaining for you to be a part of this successful effort to release and promote my 25th CD, Building a Human Being. Still a variety of exclusives available for you at And, if nothing else, you can be among the very first to pre order your own copy of the album.

Once the campaign comes to a close I will begin fulfilling all the exclusives. I have three songs to write, three house concerts to schedule, many CDs, lyrics, posters, Tshirts and more to mail out. Things are going to be busy around here for a while. Linda Lou Marks designed a beautiful CD package and we’re about to submit everything for manufacturing. Here’s a preview. Have to say I am jazzed about the whole thing and most thankful to all of you who have shown such generous support.

I would also love for you to watch my DIY music video of No Second Coming and share it with your friends. I shot much of the footage along with Anthony Leo and Mary Kennedy. Anthony did a fantastic job of editing and I’m proud of the results.

Can’t wait for you to hear the new music. Thank you again to all you Pledgers!

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