March 26, 2015

Pledge Music CD Funding Campaign

BAHB grid_drawings copyIt’s been a while in the making but my 25th album, Building a Human Being, is recorded and ready for release. First though, I’m launching a crowd funding campaign on to help cover recording costs, art work, manufacturing and radio promotion. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of talented people in creating this collection of 12 songs. Thomm Jutz joined me again as producer and musician. Kim Carnes, Sally Barris and Michael Boesen co-wrote four of the songs with me. Stellar musicians Mark Fain, Dave Frances, Barbara Santoro, Jim Alderman, Jeff Thorneycroft, Lynn Williams, Terry Crisp, and Randy Leago brought their best game.

In addition to the 11 original songs, I recorded a version of one of my favorite songs from the 1960s, Get Together, by Dino Valenti. I’m confident you will be excited when you hear the music we made together. It only makes sense to give this CD a fighting chance to be heard by a wider audience. You are an essential collaborator in making this dream come true.

So, Thursday, April 2, (which is also my birthday!) watch for the launching of my 45 day campaign for the release of Building a Human Being. Check out the many exclusives I offer you in return for your participation. Find one that is right for you and pitch in what you can. Please know I appreciate whatever you choose to give. Without your support I couldn’t survive as a singer songwriter. I write songs in the hope of lifting you up, bringing you joy and helping you get through the tough times. In return, you are always there for me. I can’t thank you enough for your support. But I’ll try!

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